Special Purpose Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) & Ambulance

We have ten models for varying medical treatment needs, to reach out to rural population Ambulance & Allied Model – Built for ferrying emergency response cases, dead bodies, etc.

Training Coach

  • Airport Tarmac Coach
  • Luxury Coach

Military & Police

Built for Police & Government protection forces to operate in riots,to maintain law & order.

Security & Cash Van

Security Vans – Bullet proof & non bullet proof vans to carry cash and security guards from Banks to ATM’s, in cities and rural areas. We also make security vans for Armed Forces.

Small Van

Our range offers vehicles meant to carry water, frozen food, fruits, milk, vegetables,sheep and poultry in specific Delivery Vans. We also cater to the Mobile needs of a Bank, Radiology, Restaurant, Court, and Showroom, all on Wheels.